Secretarial Services

We understand, if a company does not have a company secretary, then the burden of all the administrative and compliance tasks and the concerned responsibility need to be undertaken by the director or a person who works on behalf of the director. Hence, many companies hire a company secretary to avoid complications and reduce administrative, compliance and corporate governance responsibilities.

Who is the company secretary? Well, a company secretary is a qualified person who takes the responsibility of ensuring the smooth functioning of the administration of the company. They are also responsible for complying with corporate governance, financial and legal regulations, managing shareholders’ administration, providing advice to the company’s Board of Directors, etc.

A company secretary acts as a mediator between the board of directors or higher authority and the government, stakeholders, or other bodies.  They also represent the company on behalf of it and communicate with the world by sharing some information. They keep and record all sorts of information such as meetings, changes of directors, changes in policy, or any other internal matter. They perform a tough, complex, and responsible job in any organization.

Many small businesses or start-up companies cannot afford to hire a company secretary for their company. We provides you with Company secretarial services at an affordable price. We has been in this field for 11 years and now provides services all over India. We believe in providing high-quality services at an affordable price.

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